NU Borders is a professional services organization which focuses on a combination of consultative and IT services. Through the combination of operational enforcement and IT expertise, NU Borders occupies a niche market, with primary focus placed on law enforcement, trade and financial compliance for government agencies and the private sector.


We are a small, minority-owned business that was formed in 2014 with a focus on providing services to companies involved in the export/import of goods and commodities that have a need for guidance on trade compliance and customs regulations – an area which can often be cumbersome and complicated to navigate given the raft of U.S. and international laws and regulations. Additionally, NU Borders provides customers with trade and data analytics services, gained through experience as investigators, analysts and IT managers who developed data systems within ICE to comb through large amounts of data to find criminal entities and organizations involved in illicit activities. The same methodologies applied in the trade enforcement area have also been successfully applied in the Anti-Money laundering space as well.

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Data Science  |   Enforcement Analytics  |    Anti-Money Laundering  |   Data Management