Data Science

The field of data analytics has exploded into all facets of our lives in the last ten-fifteen years, particularly since the advent of Big Data technology. The tools necessary to ingest massive amounts of data and rapidly perform advanced analytics – be it search, visualization, reporting, graphing or any other capability – are accessible now on a scale and a cost scarcely imagined ten years ago. However, Big Data tools alone will not provide all the answers. The correct methodologies and processes used to apply the right tools to the right problem set is just as important as the technology itself.


The graphic above provides a high-level workflow of how NU Borders applies targeted analytical methodologies in tandem with  case-specific technology platforms to a given problem set – a process often referred to as data science. Our data science methodology has been proven in the marketplace through acclaimed Big Data projects at the Department of Homeland Security and other enforcement organizations.

Additionally, NU Borders has experience training new data scientists within organizations so they can learn this evolving analytic skill set, and, thereby, eliminate the high, recurring costs routinely paid by companies to vendors for this service.

Contact us to find out more about our Data Science techniques and methodologies, and some of the operational groups and clients with whom we have applied these techniques, such as Homeland Security Investigations.


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