Enforcement Analytics

NU Borders is an experienced team of IT experts, analysts and former federal investigators, who have developed Big Data systems as well as specific analytical work products for investigative groups in the US Government. In the world of ever-increasing computerization of trade records and the proliferation of data sets that contain information on people, places and things, simple search and analysis will not provide sufficient value to a company or institution looking for anomalies, targets or other types of actionable intelligence. Applying advanced data science techniques on non-proprietary, open-source technology platforms, NU Borders has unique experience in the design, deployment and use of Big Data tools necessary to provide for an organization’s analytical requirements.


One of the key facets of NU Borders’ Analytics Methodology is that there is no single solution for an organization’s analytical needs. NU Borders listens and assesses the needs of the end-user, designs and then implements only the necessary architecture and technologies needed to provide for an organization’s needs. Whether it is search, reporting, or any other type of computation, NU Borders has experience in the deployment and use of the appropriate analytical tools required for an organization to succeed.

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